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Our Courses

We cover a range of different courses ranging from short three hour sessions, to five day intensive training. Whatever your requirements we will have the right one for you

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First Aid

A range of courses suitable for all types of workplaces. Covering low risk workplaces, high risk environments, paediatrics for nursery’s and childminders, as well as courses for children. Whatever the requirement we have a course to suit.

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Health and Safety

The importance of health and safety is ever increasing, which is why we provide general H&S courses designed for all workplaces. An understanding of health and safety can prove vital to your business, and working towards a safer workplace is imperative. 

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Fire Safety

Whilst the risk of fire in most workplaces is often low, ensuring employees and visitors know what to do in the event of a fire is directly related to how successful an evacuation is. Courses in Fire Warden or Fire Marshall will give your employees all the knowledge to assist.

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Mental Health

In recent years the subject of mental health has no longer been a taboo and ensuring your employees are fit in mind, body and soul can be achieved by taking one of our mental health courses. Depending on your circumstances, half day, one day or two day variations are available